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About Us

Welcome to:
A group for writers of all things Prose.
Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.

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Rules and Submission Guidelines:

:bulletyellow: Prose only.
:bulletorange: Prosetry may be considered
Note the founder before submitting to check.
:bulletyellow: Submissions limited to four (4) per day for members and five (5) per day per Admin.
:bulletorange: Non-members limited to one (1) submission per day, which is subject to a vote.
:bulletyellow: Affiliate members limited to two (2) submission per day, which are subject to a vote.
:bulletorange: Please submit things into the correct folders.
:bulletyellow: Please comment as much as possible.
:bulletorange: Be courteous and polite.

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Most importantly, have fun.





About Us

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Literary Guides:

A few Literary Guides that I have come across.

These guides are from illuminara:iconilluminara:

Punctuation Basics
How to Start and Stay Writing
Style vs. Voice – A Guide
Writing Style – The Bottom Line
Brainstorming – The Short Guide
Elements of a Story
Why Writers Should Watch TV
Character Creation Tips
Character Motivation
The Originality Illusion
How to Improve Your Writing Style

These guides are from MagicalJoey:iconmagicaljoey:

The Grammar Nazi Files Part One:- Introduction to Punctuation
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Two:- The Apostrophe
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Three:- The Comma
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Four:- The Colon and Semi-colon
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Five:- The Exclamation Mark, The Question Mark and Italics
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Six:- Quotation Marks
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Seven:- Dashes and Brackets
The Grammar Nazi Files Part Eight:- The Ellipses and The Hyphen
Commom Grammar Errors
Beginners Guide to Grammar: Nouns
Beginners Guide to Grammar: Pronouns
Beginners Guide to Grammar: Verbs
Beginners Guide to Grammar: Adverbs
Beginners Guide to Grammar: Adjectives

The following are from BeccaJS:iconbeccajs:
(On behalf of ProjectEducate)

Literature Critique Tips
Critique Week Roundup

These guides are from AnikaandAj:iconanikaandaj:

Minor Character Characterization
Character Motivation Sheet
Common Hobbies/Activities
Common Character Flaws
Character Fear Reference Sheet
Good Character Traits

These are from Random Deviants:

The How To’s of Dialogue: Grammar and Otherwise by Inkfish7
Crit Ticks for the Critics by nycterent
Critique by tangledweb
Critique Writing – A Guide by kittykittyhunter
The Critics Toolkit: Lit by mackwrites
Poetry Analysis by PaperDart
Memoirs of a Protagonist by WhisperedGrace