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Welcome To

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A group for writers of all things Prose.

Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.

:star::bulletred::star:PLEASE READ:star::bulletred::star:


...I have created a SINGLE FOLDER for poetry called The Odd Poem . THIS FOLDER and THIS FOLDER ALONE is where you can post poetry. Alternatively it can go to our sister group My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink .

:new: So far we have one (1) entry!


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What It Is

It's a CONTEST! The full prompt reads:

Every time you get a bruise or scrape, your soul-mate also gets it. You bruise your left cheek after hitting something. The catch? Your worst enemy also gets a bruise. Double Catch? Its the same bruise.

You can write PROSE ONLY based on the above prompt. If it needs a mature filter - filter it! However, we would like it if it didn't need one. Feel free to interpret 'cheek' as you see fit. Please try to NOT have violence against women/children/people of a different religion/race/sexual orientation. There are many ways to get a bruise without attacking someone/a group of people.

The Rules and Sneaky Things Like That

:bulletred: Prose only
:bulletorange: Entries to our 'Contest Submissions' folder only
:bulletyellow: Minimum 500 words
:bulletgreen: Maximum 2500 words
:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed, but try to keep it to a minimum
:bulletpurple: Original work only, no fan fiction please
:bulletpink: Please place the following in your artist's comments
:bulletblack: A link to this journal
:bulletpink: What the prompt was (for others' references)
:bulletpurple: Word count

:bulletblue: New submissions as of June 1st only please, no old work
:bulletgreen: Winners will be decided via voting on a poll on my home page
:bulletyellow: All are welcome to enter - you don't have to be a member - so encourage your friends/watchers
:bulletorange: All are welcome to vote (when the time comes) so encourage your friends/watchers

The Timeline

:bulletred: 13 June - 18 July -:- Submission Time
:bulletorange: 19 July - 30 July -:- Voting Time
:bulletyellow: 31 July -:- Winners Announced


I am looking for PRIZE DONATIONS. You can donate and still enter!
Any points donations to come to MagicalJoey and to please be clearly marked as donations to this contest. If you can donate anything, please note MagicalJoey or the group.
Donations can include, but are not limited to: llamas, features (group and personal), points, submissions, art, literature, critiques, stock, lit tags, avatars, dev IDs, etc.

:bulletyellow: Llamas from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor
:bulletyellow: Features from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor

:bulletblack: Llamas from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor
:bulletblack: Features from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor

:bulletred: Llamas from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor
:bulletred: Features from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor

:bulletblue: Llamas from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor
:bulletblue: Features from: MagicalJoey ; LunaNitor


Don't hesitate to note the group, or just ask on here, if you have any questions! We don't bite...hard!

While you're at it, check out Prose-ject , a prose-based group which is hosting their main prompt event this month (June 2016) but which always has nice prompts and events up its sleeves.

We encourage you to enter this contest - it's only fun if people enter! If you have any ideas for future contests you would like to see, please note the group and we will add them to out idea pool for future references.

J (and the team)
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Contests, Prompts and Stuff of that Nature

Monthly Prompt Entries June


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Contest Entries

:bulletred: The Trouble with Two by TheRedSephaos


Sisyphus    I rise before the sun, the shrill calls of manufactured birds and artificial serenity imposing their jarring reality onto my subconscious mind. A new day begins; a new year, a new lease on life, and it is mine. A kiss stirs my love, and we smile, savoring the precious moments spouses can share. Precious indeed, as, all too soon, our day must start; showers and shaves, breakfasts cooked, children woken. Packing our lunches, our homework, briefcases and purses, we gobble food as we go, our barbarism justified, our moral objections unheeded. Those objections bear a weight, and my soul carries the burden, even as I feign jolliness, ushering my children off to school with hugs, parting from my wife with a kiss. Silently exhaling, starting my car, I am alone, I can think. And in my consciousness, I grow terrified; in the quiet, in the calm, I can hear myself shrieking.
    The drive to work is typical; caffeine ingested, talk radio serving a futile attempt a

by YttriumDervish

GalateaThe raging storm outside had darkened the sky and turned the late afternoon into the final night of the apocalypse. Rain hammered against the window and it was a mere miracle that the glass didn't break. Watery light from the lanterns left outside to ward off the darkness could be seen through the blinds of room almost unaffected by the end of the world going beyond the walls.
In the twilight inside, a single cigarette burned in an ashtray, the smoke rising in a straight line before dissolving into a cloud and finally fading away. A hand reached for it and seconds later, the silent sound of burning paper and tobacco joined the strangely distant noises of the storm. A man took a deep breath, which drowned out all the other sounds in the silent room. The smoker sat on the edge of a bed and holding the cigarette loosely in his hand, he turned his head around to face the person lying outstretched on the sheets behind him. It was a woman, posing as an Y turned upside down. Of course, it had

by Diluculi



Monthly and Weekly Challenge Winners

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In First Place WEEKLY


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TheFwank Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
Hey, I'm a longtime writer who's just recently gotten into professional editing- what would the etiquette be for offering my services to the group?
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016   Writer
This group doesn't really cater to editors/proofreaders etc, but you could try GrammarNaziCritiques or ProjectComment or Adopt-A-Writer 
TheFwank Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
Okay, thanks for the references! :)
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016   Writer
No problem.
TIA-45 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015

Hey all,

A friend and I are attempting to start up a new (free!) e-published magazine featuring all kinds of writing arts! We are currently looking for submissions to be featured in the first issue, details can be found here:

If you would like a chance to be featured in the first issue, see the link and consider contributing (guidelines for doing so are included on the blog)!

xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Professional General Artist
As Terry Pratchett's Death would say in this sort of situation where one receives the chance to have their work added to a gallery and read while pondering several ways to express gratefulness , death having no feelings except thinking cats are nice when he is not reaping souls thanks to the assassin's guild and wayward wizards, he would state the following phrase "thank you for the fave" . After a short pause he would wonder if that was the correct thing to say and would vanish. so Thanks! yeah XDDDDDDDDDD
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015   Writer
Rofl. Makes me really wish I had read any of the Terry Pratchett novels.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Professional General Artist
I think they are up for free on sacredtexts or on pdf or kindle, but having the book is better.
Im up to book 10. I loved the movies staring Christopher lee as Death ( I cant read Pratchett's Death lines
without doing Lee's deep booming voice XD ). Death says the only thing he likes and or
desires having no emotions like we do is cats, Terry Pratchett wrote a book about Cat anectdotes and
also a whole Discoworld book on cats AND a co written novel with Neil Gaiman about the end of the world
and Death is in it. atm u can see Wyrd Sisters, the color of magic, music of the soul, hog father and
one starring Samwise aka The goonies kid as "the Tourist", Death cameos in each one, Hog father being a 4 part movie series
f you wanna give it a go then pick up a book on a free day. I could never touch Pratchett's funny in a million years!!!!
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015   Writer
Ooh, I've seen hogfather. Didn't realise that was a book too.
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