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A group for writers of all things Prose.

Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.

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...I have created a SINGLE FOLDER for poetry called The Odd Poem . THIS FOLDER and THIS FOLDER ALONE is where you can post poetry. Alternatively it can go to our sister group My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink .

Affiliate Contest

Understood-Accepted is hosting a contest these first few months of 2017 that combines writing and art. For more information look here: understood-accepted.deviantart…


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Hello guys! I am MagicalJoey, and I will be heading up some fun times and prompts from here on out (with the help of the team). We would like to jump start the group again, and with that – a bit of a challenge for January. If you aren’t all familiar with Special Holiday Fun, we are going to introduce you in the best way possible. Each month will feature a Special Holiday prompt for you guys to gain inspiration from and give us something wonderful!

ALSO! We shall be doing some weekly prompts for you as well. These are generally going to be photo or phrase prompts, but could also be word, music, video or Special Holiday Fun related and will vary in word counts to mix up the challenge. Everyone who enters this challenge will get a month long feature by the group, so we hope the incentive is high enough for you guys to really participate! Let’s see what you got!!

This year, 2017, is "International Sustainable Tourism for Development" year. While this doesn't sound all that 'writable', it does allow for short stories about other 'foreign' places or people, even some non-fiction too (think travel experiences, sans Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). So, if you want to write anything on this prompt you have 2017 words (see what I did there) minimum to write your story. (Try not to make it more than 10k words...some of us readers are old and wear glasses and all that jazzy stuff).

Tourism Invasion by AlexandreGuilbeault     tourism by ssilence     tourism by sliwka

Kitchen tourism - Family One by Didou83     the dancers by grevys     Negotiations by PortraitOfaLife

January, among other things, is "Hot Tea Month" (it's also 'creativity month' and 'soup month') so your challenge will be to write something relating to tea. A retelling of the Boston Tea Party perhaps? Maybe a romance about two strangers meeting in a Starbucks (I think they sell tea there - never been into one so I wouldn't know)? You have 2930 words maximum to accomplish this task.

Sphinx's Tea by sandara     Green Tea by Green-Tea-Leaves     the tea party by francescagalea

Tea Magic by ahermin     tea ceremony by AngeniaC     Sweet Tea by ThisTeaIsTooSweet

Now, for Weekly Prompts. Due to a very high work load I am unable to update this regularly each week, so what I will do is place all five week's prompts at once. This gives you the added option of doing a future week's prompt if you don't like the current week's one. Weekly prompt entries will be placed in the featured folder for the next month, along with the month's entries, giving you a whole month's feature on our page.

Week One: 1st January - 8th January:
Sun 8th January is "Bubble Bath Day". Your prompt is to write something from the perspective of a bubble. It doesn't have to actually be a bubble in a bath, it can be a bubble outside (bonus, yes?). You have 7627 words maximum (It spells "SOAP", fun fact).

The Bubble by la-nicole     Bubble Colours by Akirahpaws     Bubble by Skapningen

Week Two: 9th January - 15th January:
Sat January 14th is "Dress Up Your Pet Day". Your prompt is to write something from the perspective of an animal. Has your owner dressed you up for kicks? Are you happy with this or are you plotting revenge? Alternatively you can write from the owner's perspective - was it easy or hard to dress up your animal and why did you do it? You have 738 words minimum (spells "PET" fun fact).

animals by onlyphoto     Victorian Animals by PlaceboFX     Animals - Dog 1 by MoonsongStock

Week Three: 16th January - 22nd January:
Mon 16th January is "Appreciate a Dragon Day". Your prompt is to write something that contains a dragon in some form. Sounds easy enough? Then I challenge you to additionally make it a FLASH FICTION piece of not more than 100 words.

Dragon by pumpkinsbylisa     OOAK: Galactic dragon by MyOwnDragon     Crimson Prince Dragon by DragonCid

Week Four: 23rd January - 31st January:
Mon 23rd January is "Handwriting Day". Your prompt/Challenge is to write something by hand and either scan it or photograph it and upload it to us. This can be something small, like a Haiku or short poem, or you can write a letter or anything really. If it is more than one page long, please only choose to scan/photograph one page for this prompt. Your word limit is...UNLIMITED! (Bound only by DA's uploading size restrictions).

Stamp: Handwriting by Harumi-Chan     Beautiful- Day 71 by TiiaBear     Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx

And that, my friends, is when January ends and the month of Love and Chocolate begins. Enjoy! And remember, any questions can come directly to the group, to myself MagicalJoey or to any one of the admins (who may or may not be active/on breaks so you might not actually get an answer).

Tea, Bubble, Pet, Dragon, Handwriting

Let the Challenges, begin!

PennedinWhite , Domaex , Wottles and MagicalJoey
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Contest Entries

:bulletred: Revenge of the Catcalled- Halloween Prompt by EveningStar713


Soulmates, Enemies, and Bruises (Contest Entry)    Advancements in telepathic technology proved that every human has a soulmate. When your mind is opened to the presence of thoughts which are not your own, it initially overloads. The reach of your mind expands to cover the whole Earth. Everything outside your own head sounds like gibberish, until you find that one voice beside your own which you can understand. For every person, there is someone perfectly compatible. A profound connection is formed between your souls and bodies; even if there is half the world between you.
    I haven't had the experience myself, I don't want to be telepathic. I only know what I've read about it. And trust me, the Internet is clogged with romantic anecdotes detailing the 'manmade evolution.' 
    I'm from the first generation with access to mind modifications. I still remember when dating websites were your best chance at finding love. Now people upgrade their own brains to find 'the one.' No

by Sweetie-Chars

The Trouble with TwoMaria hummed softly as she waited for her boyfriend to pick her up.
One of her two boyfriends.
She applied a bright red lipstick. It was hard to find true love when you invested in one man for so long, she’d reasoned with herself. Dark gray eyeshadow. You could go and waste ten years of your life, just for him to never propose. Or worse, leave you at the alter. She’d seen it before. Eyeliner. It was hard to juggle two guys at once, but no more than it was to juggle work and a social life. Mascara. Besides, both were great guys, and very dedicated to her, but they also both had their flaws.
Straightening out her dress, she stood, and noticed a painless bruise that had suddenly developed on her lower leg. Maria cursed, and went digging through her closet for a longer dress. There weren’t many - she wasn’t a very modest woman.
That was the problem she had with her two boyfriends. Maria had met them around the same time, and when she’d noticed the bruises and

by TheRedSephaos

Just a SnackKaye was attempting to cut a watermelon while holding it down like it was a savage beast that needed to be subdued. Quickly losing his patience and his hunger growing by the second, he picked up the pace as he sawed through the fruit in hopes to eventually reach the sweet nectar within. The knife slipped through the husk and scraped his hand. He screamed and released everything from his grasp. He examined his hand to find a small gash that was oozing a droplet of blood. He cursed to himself as he tended to his wound. Glancing at the thick green shell, he suddenly had an idea. He snatched a meat hammer from a utensil drawer and aimed it over the melon. He drew back and smashed it with full force. In the midst of the explosion, a sizable chunk of it smacked him square in the face and he stumbled back. He shook his head and collected his prize to feast on.
Idna, though neither her nor Kaye knew of their fate, who had stuck together through thick and thin, was in the middle of reading a bo

by I-Write-Strangely


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TheFwank Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Professional Writer
Hey, I'm a longtime writer who's just recently gotten into professional editing- what would the etiquette be for offering my services to the group?
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016   Writer
This group doesn't really cater to editors/proofreaders etc, but you could try GrammarNaziCritiques or ProjectComment or Adopt-A-Writer 
TheFwank Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Professional Writer
Okay, thanks for the references! :)
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016   Writer
No problem.
TIA-45 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015

Hey all,

A friend and I are attempting to start up a new (free!) e-published magazine featuring all kinds of writing arts! We are currently looking for submissions to be featured in the first issue, details can be found here:

If you would like a chance to be featured in the first issue, see the link and consider contributing (guidelines for doing so are included on the blog)!

xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Professional General Artist
As Terry Pratchett's Death would say in this sort of situation where one receives the chance to have their work added to a gallery and read while pondering several ways to express gratefulness , death having no feelings except thinking cats are nice when he is not reaping souls thanks to the assassin's guild and wayward wizards, he would state the following phrase "thank you for the fave" . After a short pause he would wonder if that was the correct thing to say and would vanish. so Thanks! yeah XDDDDDDDDDD
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015   Writer
Rofl. Makes me really wish I had read any of the Terry Pratchett novels.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Professional General Artist
I think they are up for free on sacredtexts or on pdf or kindle, but having the book is better.
Im up to book 10. I loved the movies staring Christopher lee as Death ( I cant read Pratchett's Death lines
without doing Lee's deep booming voice XD ). Death says the only thing he likes and or
desires having no emotions like we do is cats, Terry Pratchett wrote a book about Cat anectdotes and
also a whole Discoworld book on cats AND a co written novel with Neil Gaiman about the end of the world
and Death is in it. atm u can see Wyrd Sisters, the color of magic, music of the soul, hog father and
one starring Samwise aka The goonies kid as "the Tourist", Death cameos in each one, Hog father being a 4 part movie series
f you wanna give it a go then pick up a book on a free day. I could never touch Pratchett's funny in a million years!!!!
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015   Writer
Ooh, I've seen hogfather. Didn't realise that was a book too.
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