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A group for writers of all things Prose.

Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.

:star::bulletred::star:PLEASE READ:star::bulletred::star:


...I have created a SINGLE FOLDER for poetry called The Odd Poem . THIS FOLDER and THIS FOLDER ALONE is where you can post poetry. I am tired of finding poetry in all the folders where prose should be (seriously people, EVERY journal starts with 'this is a prose group only').

Also, please note regarding monthly and weekly prompts. While the main idea is to get your PROSE juices flowing, (seriously, we think hard about these things so try to enter where possible) there will be a separate category for poetry 'winners' if you insist on submitting poetry for these challenges, as I cannot stop you submitting poetry to these challenges (especially when it's well written...poetry gets to me sometimes).

That said, have fun and ENTER these things when you can. We search for interesting pictures, think of interesting challenges and work on making the journals pretty and interesting. My fellow admins and I are very interested in seeing this group grow in numbers and entries into things. (I was pretty impressed we had four entries for the contest, but think...we could have had forty!)

P.S. If you are passionate about prose and also about this group and would like to become an admin, note me [ MagicalJoey ] or note the group and we shall see what comes about. I'm looking for an innovative, dedicated, trustworthy team.

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More Journal Entries

Weekday Faces Winners and Monthly/Weekly Prompt Entries

Monthly Prompt Entries July

:bulletred: RogueMudblood 's
ShamelessDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Sweets were one of his favorite things. Not wanting to waste the rare occasions on which he allowed himself a sugary treat, Isaac made sure to savor them, letting them rest on his tongue for several moments before swallowing.
He hadn't always been so careful. When he was a child, Isaac had eaten ice cream and cake like any other kid when at parties – quickly, and without tasting it much. At the time, it hadn't seemed like a big deal. They ran around and played, and when they did get to eat the ice cream, they usually gobbled it up to keep it from melting. Then they'd run around and play some more, and he could never remember by the next day what anything had tasted like if he could even recall what exactly it was he'd eaten.
“My. Don't you look like you're enjoying that.”
Despite being snap

:bulletorange: Purrfectum 's
How To Make Ice Cream.How To Make Ice Cream.
Every summer ice cream begins all the same,
a custard base of planning on what to do next.
You bring your friends in one by one, the milk, cream and vanilla,
all so sweet, all so delicate in the burning sun.
You all begin to spin around in the amusement of the day,
heads are banging, throats are dry; Pale and fluffy now.
Lying down in the perfect sun hydrated once again,
who would know this summer would nearly cost you, your best friend.
Next a custard base of planning on what o do next,
the heat is slowly dying but you still meet up with friends.
One friend lost begins to get tightened in the friction,
the plans are thick and unbreakable, at least not now.
Scooping the best moments out of the bowl of memories,
but all in the end the summer stops when you begin to freeze.
Every summer ice cream begins all the same,
a custard base of planning on what to do next.
But every summer ends the same with a colder autumn and winter.

Weekly Prompt Entries July

:bulletred: Purrfectum 's
Panic Attack.It's a normal day.
The clock is ticking, the girls are talking you are acting the same.
You left your paper at home.
You're so tired you could be dead.
You see that man come up. Pitter pat, pitter pat. Pitter pat.
The darkness of the room creeps in,
your eyes look both dark and pale.
The closer he gets all you can hear is
pitter patter, pitter patter. Pitter pat.
Heartbeats are normal.
It's a normal day.
But the way you shake your leg,
from the fear and pain.
Pitter patter, pitter patter
That was not a heartbeat,
you can see that for clear right now.
Everybody's spinning,
but he's clear in vision holding her hand.
Pitter patter wheeze,
pitter patter wheeze,
Pitter patter gasp.
He's holding her tight,
he's kissing her on the eyes.
Wheeze Patter Wheeze,
Wheeze Patter Wheeze.
Your friends are calling,
but you can't seem to respond.
Pitter patter wheeze.
Pitter patter wheeze.
Legs are shaking while your eyes are glaring,
friends are shaking when you aren't breathing.
Patter gasp wh


Contest Entry-Days of the Week as PeopleSome people called Monday the beginning of the week, but Tuesday considered the first day to be Sunday. Because Sunday was so peppy. She would throw parties, when it was her day, and invite the other days to come. And you couldn’t even call it arrogant, because if asked, she would say she was celebrating what a good job all the other days had done that week, and not the fact that it was her day. And on days that were not her day, she would ride her bicycle all around town visiting other days and other people, singing at the top of her lungs.
Tuesday always regretted when Sunday’s day was over.
Then it was Monday’s turn. For all people complained about Monday, there was a disproportionate number of guys who absolutely worshipped her. She barely even encouraged them. After all, Monday was a workaholic, getting up early and going to bed late, her clothes perfectly neat and her hair pulled back in a long, tight braid. Tuesday had visited Monday’s house once and it h

by Convenient-Alias

Morning with TuesdayDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this work.
“C'mon! Wake up!” Tuesday groaned as he rolled over, his straight hair mussed against the flat pillow. “C'mon! Wake up!” He reached his hand out from under the covers, long fingers with blunt-ended nails groping blindly. When the alarm sounded for the third time, he managed to find it. Smacking the tp of the alarm clock a couple of times, he grinned when the siren stopped sounding, burying his face back into the pillow.
“C'mon! Wake up!” Throwing off the covers, Tuesday glared around his room, his blurred vision causing him to see only vague shapes. Fumbling for his glasses, he fiddled with them for several moments amidst shrill giggling. When he finally got them on, he snarled at the short, frizzy-haired redhead staring up at him with her bright green eyes. “C'mon! W

by RogueMudblood

7 Day's In A House (Contest Entry)Sunday sat on the couch giggling at the tv show. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a bouncy ponytail, she had her feet up on the table and a bowl of popcorn in her lap. Wednesday glared at her, he had bags under his eyes and a sighed as he tried to study and not be distracted by Sunday’s show. “Can’t you watch that somewhere else?” he asked “I wanted to watch that later on when I’m not busy.”
Sunday shook her head “You're always busy, besides this is the best tv in the house.” Wednesday glared at her and grabbed the remote to turn off the tv. “HEY! “ Sunday shouted “Give it back!”
“Stop fighting you two!” Friday walked in, she was dressed to go partying in a miniskirt tube top and heels, her hair was curled and half up. “God, I hate babysitting you two” She put a earring in while she talked, “Sunday go watch tv in your room.” Sunday crossed her arms and pouted while

by BrokenAisling

Days as Humans - Contest EntryDuring my daily walk I catched an interesting conversation between a few youngsters. The big problem of their lives was that how could they imagine the days of the week. I slowed a bit and started to listen them, but when they talked about us as godly, out-of-this-world creatures, I laughted so loud, that I had to imitate, I heard something funny on my phone.
We are connected to this world. We are the creations of human minds. We look like them and because we are abstractions, we change our look as they change their collective mood. It's the most powerful during our period, so called day. For example, me, Wednesday, now look like a good housewife - brown eyes, fine, light brown hair and elegant, but not fancy clothes - during her weekly shopping spree, drinking a quick coffee while - who looks at me could think - I am planing the dinner I will make today for my dear husband and lovely children. That's how we live here. Usually we can be seen this way. During the old times we all played

by assaim


:iconthe-joy-of-writing: The-Joy-of-Writing Love writing, please join. :iconwild-words: Wild-Words :iconunderrated-writers: Underrated-Writers Welcome home Writers! :iconpoems-breathe-life: Poems-Breathe-Life Breathing words, not air.




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There will be a 300 Dollar Total Prize moneys awarded
This will a predicament peril story using my OC's as the primary characters ...The story needs to be a full story with at least three full pages...the story should contain but not limited to at least one villain. The story should follow the rules, powers and weakness of Teen Fire and Teen Frost...see group for more detail...

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